Our 2008 Front Sight experience

I attended Front Sight 4D Rifle in May 2008 by myself.  Humbled, I did not graduate.  Not an easy thing to do.  Some pics below.

Patrice and I attended Front Sight 4DHG in 2008 with our friends from work, Kris and Ken.  This was their first time and Ken achieved Graduate.  They both shot the "James recommended Glock 19's" 

I also achieved my first Distinguished Graduate in 4DHG with my absolute stock Glock 17.  Here I am posing with my range master Ken Gillette and my target:  DSCF9464.JPG (2535547 bytes)

 Here are some pics:

Warning!  Large pics - dialup users beware

DSC00329.JPG (1264225 bytes) DSC00330.JPG (1378698 bytes) DSC00331.JPG (1278703 bytes) DSC00342.JPG (1325702 bytes) DSC00343.JPG (1344574 bytes)
DSC00344.JPG (1335183 bytes) DSC00345.JPG (1306762 bytes) DSC00349.JPG (1214436 bytes) DSC00351.JPG (1308071 bytes) 4D Rifle
DSCF9437.JPG (3212521 bytes) DSCF9438.JPG (2751705 bytes) DSCF9439.JPG (2603907 bytes) DSCF9440.JPG (2589255 bytes) DSCF9441.JPG (3151240 bytes)
DSCF9442.JPG (2983297 bytes) DSCF9443.JPG (2436682 bytes) DSCF9444.JPG (2843583 bytes) DSCF9445.JPG (2954648 bytes) DSCF9446.JPG (2823467 bytes)
DSCF9447.JPG (2777342 bytes) DSCF9448.JPG (2380993 bytes) DSCF9449.JPG (3044959 bytes) DSCF9450.JPG (2971976 bytes) DSCF9451.JPG (2864673 bytes)
DSCF9452.JPG (2382834 bytes) DSCF9453.JPG (2456431 bytes) DSCF9454.JPG (2342853 bytes) DSCF9455.JPG (2496126 bytes) DSCF9456.JPG (2440000 bytes)
DSCF9457.JPG (2457633 bytes) DSCF9458.JPG (2521981 bytes) DSCF9459.JPG (2068238 bytes) DSCF9460.JPG (1740644 bytes) DSCF9461.JPG (2556411 bytes)
DSCF9464.JPG (2535547 bytes) DSCF9465.JPG (2510732 bytes) DSCF9466.JPG (2298259 bytes) DSCF9467.JPG (2153284 bytes) DSCF9468.JPG (2025437 bytes)