Heckler and Koch (pronounce KOH). They are premier firearms, as indicated by their price. I couldn’t wait to get an HK USP .45 when they first came out. Drove 50 miles to pick it up. I still have it and would never sell it.  Then a few years ago when I was doing a CHL qualification, one of my students had a P7-M8. While curious about this pistol, I was always taken aback by it’s high price (~$1000). But after I shot it, I had to have one. The “Rolex” of pistols, it’s awesome.

Now I'm into P9S pistols, fabulously accurate and excellent shooters.  I can still shoot better with my P7s, but the P9S is close behind.  Plus, it comes in .45!

New!  HK Torture Test Factory Tour Video


Left View     Right View

P7 "Wood Collection"

P7 "Wood Collection"

P7-M8 & P7-PSP

USP Elite 9mm/.45ACP
(One of first 50 of each imported to US)

More Pics


My P7M10 HC by Fords

More Pics

USP Match - Awesome
(Now discontinued in US)



USP 9mm SD (Tactical)

Limited production for LE, includes
threaded barrel for a  suppressor. 

My Titanium Abraxas on my USP 9SD
Right    Left

DSCN1918.JPG (58825 bytes)DSCN1925.JPG (73968 bytes)

KAC Suppressor Pics


My new incoming HK4 100th Anniversary NIB!


USP Tactical .45ACP

MyP9S 003.jpg (862304 bytes)     MyP9S 005.jpg (898043 bytes)

My new P9S 9mm Combat


My new P9S 9mm Target

P9STARGET9MM.JPG (409082 bytes)

My newest P7s:  P7M3 and rare P7M10

I now have the complete P7K3 Kit

P7 K3 7.65mm/.32ACP

First 3 targets shot at 
7 yds with my P7 K3

Target 1 Target 2 Target 3

Click target for large view (800x600)

USP .45 Full Size

USP Compact .357-Sig

HKP2KV3_1s.jpg (313911 bytes)

My New P2000 V3

HKP2KV3_3s.jpg (306267 bytes)

My New P2000 V3

My new HK93 .233 Rifle !

HK93 Manual in PDF Format




My MP5 Pics!

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