Les Baer Custom

I bought my first Les Baer TRS last year and there is no comparison.  They are my favorite 1911 platform.

My Premier II 9mm was a special order and took almost 8 months to get !  After an initial issue was fixed, it is now one of my favorite 1911s.

Click on the thumbnails for pictures of my Les Baers.

Thunder Ranch Special

Premier II .45ACP


When she was pretty much new.

trs_rightwp1280.jpg (1045475 bytes)

trs_leftwp1280.jpg (936856 bytes)

After about 1000 rounds, it was sent to Severns Custom for the Hard Hat Treatment and now she looks like this:

DSCF9758.JPG (2047252 bytes) DSCF9759.JPG (1948544 bytes)

DSCF9760.JPG (2103151 bytes)


lbpii_l1280wp.jpg (954562 bytes)

I added the S&A Magwell, a perfect fit.

Special Response Pistol

Concept VII

srp1280wp.jpg (988260 bytes)

I added the S&A Magwell, a perfect fit.

LBCVII_R1280wp.jpg (948695 bytes)

I sold this gun to a friend.

Premier II 9mm

Custom Carry Comanche

pii_9mm_1280wp.jpg (936316 bytes)

Yes, a few scratches on the front of the slide, the safety and the left top of the rear sight.  Uh, I dropped it accidentally when holstering during practice.  But hey, now it has character.

NOTE:  This gun was stolen by UPS after having been sent to Wilson Combat for enhancements in early 2010.  Reported stolen to ATF and WIlson Combat replaced it with my ESP Classic IDPA 1911.

LBCC_L1280.jpg (972676 bytes)

Traded this gun, along with a new TRS for my Wilson Combat CQB Elite


Les Baer Custom