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Walther has been synonymous with fine gun making for over 150 years.  Of course, James Bond has done a lot to make Walther famous over the last 40 years.  I bought my first Walther from a friend at work.  A Walther PP in .22 Long Rifle.  Since then, I've been enamored with the Walther P99, Walther's first polymer pistol and a very high tech design.  It's one of those pistols like the H&K P7-M8;  you'll either love it or hate it.  As you can see, I favor the P99, and I FINALLY got a P5C!  I love the P5C, it is an excellent pistol.

Now I have the new P22 and it's a great .22LR pistol!  About 2/3's the size of the P99, it is an excellent plinking pistol and very easily suppressed. 

News - Update 8.17.11

I hope everyone has seen the new Walther PPQ pistol!  It is a great evolution of the Walther P99 and I love shooting mine.  It offers a lot of advantages over the original P99 Gen 1 platform (I didn't really upgrade to the Gen 2, 2.5 platform since there was nothing new):

  • QDT- Quick Defense Trigger
  • Short, Audible Reset
  • 100% Pre-Cocked Striker
  • Smooth Action and Short Trigger Reset
  • New, Cross-Directional Textured Tactical Grip™
  • Front and Rear Slide Serrations
  • Extended, Ambidextrous Slide Stop
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Small & Large Backstraps Included
  • Picatinny-Style Accessory Rail
  • 17-Round Optional Magazine Available
  • Adjustable Rear and Front Sights
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Firing Pin Block

One thing to note, and a big disadvantage is that the magazines have been changed for the later Gen 2.5+ guns AND the PPQ.  The front of the magazine tube is about 1/8" shorter than the original mags and original mags should not be used in the P99 Gen 2.5+ and PPQ.  The good thing is that less expensive mags that Walther marked mags are available by Magnum Research and are about $15-20 cheaper.  Available at CDNN:  Magnum Research/P99/PPQ Mags

P99 Night Sights from Meprolight work perfectly on the PPQ.

Walther PPQ International Manual (More Complete)

PPQ Picture

Walther PPQ
              Technical Details

P99 TA Information added. - New!

New links to original Walther Germany pages for P99 Y2K and JB II added (Mirror found)

P99 HMSS Page added with additional information

BATF Inquiry regarding P22/P99 "Frames" - It's now settled!

NEW!  Walther P99 Models announce at 2004 Shot Show.  See below for pics.

The P99 frame has been redesigned for 2004 to now accept  the Insight Technologies M5 (NOT the M3 or M6 as I previously thought).  This is unfortunate, as it would have been better to support the standard M3 and M6.  This is probably a S&W decision as their "Tactical" pistols and SW99 accept only the M5 light.  The frame is the one that was originally used on the P99 DA shown below submitted for the police trials in 2002.  Also notice that the P99 QA is now available in Military OD Green frame and Titanium slide models.  I don't believe that the DAO model will actually have the split trigger ala Glock as shown in the pictures below, but we shall see.  Notice the new ambidextrous slide release on the DAO and the different rear sights (steel).  Also, the slide serrations have been changed, and the slide contoured differently.

Walther P99 Compact announces at 2004 Shot Show!  Info now in the FAQ.

A nice picture from Shot Show Reports 2004 of the P99 Compact

EXCLUSIVE!  First Look at the Walther P99 Compact DAO Prototype

Walther P99 FAQ  Revision 2.0 (Categorized and inline graphics) - Now hosted at www.gunfaqs.org !

Walther P99 Manual - Original is now available (from Walther Handgun Owners Group - Gary Rosenfeld)

Walther P99 Manual - Current Multilingual

Walther P99 Catalog (PDF)

One of my favorite handguns:  Walther P99 9mm

Walther P99 in Service

According to Carl Walther communications, the P99 Pistol finished extensive tests and torture testing by the Canadian Montreal police against numerous competitors , and the order of about 5000 pistols P99 QA was to take place in March 2002.

Also Poland is convinced of the advantages of this pistol. After the year 2001, some one thousand pistols were already supplied in the standard version, with the interim plan to equip approximately 100,000 policemen of the country-wide organized Polish units with Walther pistols P99.  The pistols are installed by the way in Poland and are at the label "Radome" to award. (Best I can translate!) - From DWJ May 2002

The First P99 AS Compact Pictures (640x480)

P99ASCompact1s.jpg (307034
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact5s.jpg (302826
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact11s.jpg (366121
P99ASCompact20s.jpg (375022
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact21s.jpg (336271
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact25s.jpg (166982
P99ASCompact29s.jpg (189820
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact30s.jpg (186968
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact35s.jpg (319505
with ITI XML Light
P99ASCompact32s.jpg (184650
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact31s.jpg (177177
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact37s.jpg (310125
with ITI XML Light

The First P99 AS Compact Pictures (2048x1536))

P99ASCompact1L.jpg (997205
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact5L.jpg (999876
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact11L.jpg (1239207
P99ASCompact20L.jpg (2700238
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact21L.jpg (2497471
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact25L.jpg (1272866
P99ASCompact29L.jpg (923041
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact30L.jpg (905380
                                  bytes) P99ASCompact35.jpg (743029
with ITI XML Light
P99ASCompact32L.jpg (823446
                                  bytes)   P99ASCompact37.jpg (807337
with ITI XML Light

2004 P99 Models (640x480)

p99-as.jpg (66568 bytes) p99-dao.jpg (86266 bytes) p99-qa.jpg (81641 bytes)
                                  (332520 bytes) p99-qa-titanium.jpg (63336
                                  bytes) p99c-p99.jpg (17484 bytes)
P99 - P99C size
p99c-as.jpg (42919 bytes) p99c-dao.jpg (41979 bytes) p99c-qa.jpg (45514 bytes)

NOTE:  The markings on P99C production models
are roll-marked, not lasered as shown above


2004 P99 Models (Large)

AS_2681552.jpg (166569 bytes) DAO_2679477_2.jpg (54034 bytes) QA_2681641.jpg (164781 bytes)
2004-P99QA_Military.jpg (787436
                                  bytes) DAO_2679477.jpg (64422 bytes) 2004-p99-p99c.jpg (150398 bytes)
P99 - P99C size
2004-P99QA_Titanium.jpg (284602
                                  bytes) DAO_2679477_1.jpg (63940 bytes)  
2004-p99compact_DAO.jpg (274402
                                  bytes) 2004-p99compact_as.jpg (281438
                                  bytes) 2004-p99compact_QA.jpg (301077


Mysterious "All Green" P99?

This appeared for sale recently on the Sturmgewehr boards:

Walther only made a few of these in Germany and imported them early as
"sale / show samples" to wet (sic) the appetite of the U.S. Market.
Walther P-99 all green military 9mm pistol, NIB with all papers and accessories, 3 backstraps, one is wood, (2)ten round mags (3)16 round preban mags and (3)16 round LE only mags(4 dealers only) $1,250 shipped insured.


UPDATE! Feb 7, 2004

Confirmed through a note from the actual original owner of this P99: 

"I sent that gun to WILSON and had it done and sold it to a
ohio dealer i used to see at the OGCA."

So, this is no "Super Rare" P99, rather a standard P99, with a Wilson Armor Tuff finish on it in OD Green, and the wood grip insert from Earl's, being passed of as something unique, fraudulently.

waltherp99green1.jpg (49719
                                  bytes) waltherp99green2.jpg (112252

Hmmm, real or not?  The total absence of import markings and proof marks lead me to believe that this has simply been refinished in OD Green by someone like DVC Armaments, Bear Coat, or Tactical Shooting Academy.  Plus, the date code on the pistol appears to be "AA" which is well after the introduction of the P99 in the US (KH), and after the first OD Green Frame P99s appeared (KK).  If Walther did it, they should have put the proof markings back on the slide after refinishing it.  Just my opinion...

The new Walther P99DA, introduced at the IWA 2002 Show in Germany in March, is apparently an intended replacement for the Walther P990 Double-Action only version of the P99. 

It differs from the P990 and the current versions of the P99 in the following ways:

- Double Action Only trigger (like P990)

- Reverse-rounded trigger guard

- Ambidextrous extended slide release

- More "standard" accessories mount ala Glock, SW99 and HS2000/Springfield XD pistols meaning it will be able to accept the less expensive M3/M6 Tactical Lights from Insight

New is that apparently, the P99DA was only produced for the German police trials and will not be a production pistol since it lost out to the H&K P2000!

P99DA-1_1024.jpg (67888 bytes) p99da-2_1024.jpg (68365 bytes) p99da-3_1024.jpg (64152 bytes)

The Walther P99TA - Police Trial Pistol October 2002

Click here for more details

This pistol appears to be the transition pistol to the new 2004 P99 Models commercially available.  Many of the features of the P99TA were incorporated into the 2004 P99s, including the ambidextrous slide release on the P99 DAO and QA models.  But the ambidextrous decocker was not carried forward.  The "ski bump" in the trigger guard was totally eliminated and the slide was changed slightly and larger serrations added to the rear to aid in manipulating the slide.

Personally, I wished Walther would have introduced this pistol as the 2004 as I think it retains many of the wonderful features of the original design, while adding a more universal rail and the ambidextrous controls.


P99TA_1.jpg (410619 bytes)

Large (1280x1024)   P99TA on Left


The Rare P99 La Chasse

Very nice!
Walther P99 Year 2000

On Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6)
James Bond First Edition 1 of 1000

On Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6)
James Bond Second Edition 1 of 1000


New! (Replaces QPQ)
Walther P99 "Titanium"

P99 Cutaway -
Anti-Stress Trigger Explanation


Umarex Rail Adapter and Insight XML

Umarex Rail Adapter and Insight XML

 L102A1_Rs.jpg (453175 bytes) L102A1_Ls.jpg (449660 bytes)

Walther P5 Compact Special Forces
(3000 Manufactured, less than 100 in the USA)

Larger Pics
Right     Left

My P5 Compacts (Standard and British SAS)

MyP5Cs_Rs.jpg (380901 bytes) MyP5Cs_Ls.jpg (383522 bytes)

Larger Pics
Right     Left

Walther P5 and P5 Compact

P5C_1.jpg (121282 bytes)

P5C_Wood2.jpg (138839 bytes)

Walther P5 Compact - I love this pistol!

Thanks to JimC for pics!

My Pics:

P5C_Rs.jpg (449885 bytes)

P5C_Ls.jpg (443168 bytes)

Larger Pics
Right     Left


P99 shown with interchangeable backstraps, and front side blades

P99 German Military OD Green Frame

P99 Compact Adapter for full size mags
Coming in 2007
Part number 273 05 37
(Large Pic)

P22 with factory laser

P22 3.4" Barrel from 2002 Shot Show

P22 5" Target from 2002 Shot Show

P99s, all in a row...

P99 CO2 .177 Pellet Pistol


Walther PP and P99

P99 QA .40S&W

More info on P99 QA?

Press Release on P99 QA


P99 Gas Training Pistol

Walther P99 Threaded Barrels History

P99 with Brügger & Thomet Suppressor

My new AWC Titanium Abraxas on my P99!

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