Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat is my premier favorite 1911 maker, their reputation is the best in the industry and they deserve it.

My first was a CQB in the OD Green Frame color I bought used.  I had it re-finished in Armor-Tough Black and it is outstanding.

Next up are my pair of CQB Elites, one in .45 with standard features, and one in 9mm with bare slide and no front cocking serrations.  Both are superb.

My most recent addition is my wife's "Ms. Sentinel" in 9mm sans the "Ms." moniker.

My latest Wilson is the gun that replaced my UPS Stolen Les Baer PII 9mm coming back from Wilson's.  It is the superb Wilson Classic "IDPA" Logo'd ESP 1911 9mm!
I took pictures of it before I cut the tag off.  More pics will follow.

Wilson Combats
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Wilson Combat