Glock:  Initially, before I bought my first pistol (Beretta 92F), I thought they were junky toys.  They sounded like spring guns when you dry-fired them.  Later, I got over this the more I learned about them.  At that point, I decided I wanted one, but never got one until about 2 years ago.  Wanted a Glock 23 for the size and capacity.  Love it.  Shoots great, always.  Then I got bit by the 9mm bug and got a Glock 19.  They are solid, dependable handguns.  I've totally changed my mind on them after initially dismissing them.

I now highly recommend the G19 as the perfect beginner's gun.  I own multiple 9mm Glocks (G17/G19/G26/G34), as they are they ones I favor.  I'm not a big fan of the .40 S&W.

I re-invested in Glocks the year before BHO got elected, when prices were cheap, and magazines where $15 or $16.    

I used a STOCK Glock 17 at Frontsight in 2008 to achieve my first Distinguished Graduate certificate, AND was Zero down for the course of fire.  See the proof:  DSCF9464.JPG (2535547 bytes)

I'm scheduled to certfiy as a Glock Armorer in 2010.

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